The “Should be” words of Pakistan in Security Council!

The “Should be” words of Pakistan in Security Council!

The “Should be” words of Pakistan in Security Council!

Assalamualikum, Good evening ladies and gentlemen!
I , Asif Mahboob Bhatti , spokesman of ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN, do hereby declare that Kashmir is a disputed territory. India has no rights to make changes and no rights to occupy this state against the security council resolution 1948!
Pakistan is disturbed, both physically and emotionally and its been 72 years of a continuous torture to my nation! Its a disturbance to the supremacy of security council as well! Who wants to be chained when there’s no ruling of security council!

I, Pakistan, is going to be straight with India.
This may turn into a nuclear war eventually, we can’t say!
We can’t say Pakistan will survive or remain on the map but! I assure you , India will be removed permanently from the globe and you will find so many independent states after the tragedy!
It’s not only about Kashmir, Pakistan and India, ! So many of neighbor states will see a disaster or a complete collapse!
Now the question is, are you people going to stop India to stop terrorism in Kashmir before it’s too late?
Forge national referendum in Kashmir to ask their wish?? The wishes of the whole Kashmir Ladakh ,Gilgit, Baltistan, Jammu, and the rest!
Off course you’re going to do this and you’re going to ask Kashmirs what they want.
An independent state? So be it!
They can vote to merge in India and they’re going to be Pakistan,where they belong.
I apologies for not staying here after I finish this talk, because my state is too busy to prepare for the “battle” and I’m state!
Be fair to save this whole planet from Indian terrorism and free US.
And we are going to stop India.
I’ve finished my talk.
Thank you

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